Advertising Oportunity 
Dear Friends,

Let me address you with this offer for cooperation, which harness wide variety of ways to highlight your product, services or company image. Your prospective cooperation can help realize cross generation and spontaneous projects focused on historical and current events. CI-5 agency has ten-year experience with organizing such events. During this period, by selecting individual themes of the events, we managed to raise interest of media these projects. As we consider unjust to charge entrance fee for events where such as national pride is at stake, we find increasing interest of attendees. Attendance on these events is roughly in thousands of visitors. Also increased interest amongst notable guests from government, business, diplomatic and social circles is assuring us, that we are heading the right direction. That is, why Iím asking you to weight a possibility of associating your trade mark with important anniversaries and notable historical figures of present and past.

Kunc Jiri
Acting director